The Challenge

The speed at which fashions and technology change has both shortened the attention spans and raised the expectations of the "digital native" generations. With the average car taking up to six years to develop, Nissan needed to revolutionise the way they designed future models to keep young drivers engaged.

The Solution

Nissan IDx is a new co-creation platform that challenges convention and invites the new breed of drivers to collaborate on a new series of production cars. By combining fresh ideas with their 80 years of experience, Nissan has created a new approach to product development that offers a new take on authenticity.

The Idea

To introduce Nissan IDx to the world we partnered with 3D VR pioneers Oculus and created an immersive, virtual world of co-creation that people could literally step into and explore. Designed to adapt to the actions of the user, each journey through the world was unique and gave Nissan vital insights into the needs and desires of this new generation of drivers.

Immerse yourself in the world of IDx

Featuring the global debut of the High Definition Oculus Rift, the IDx experience immersed visitors to the Tokyo Motor Show with stereoscopic vision and binaural sound. The headset was used to explore the 3D world and users could interact simply by looking at in-game objects, removing the need for keyboards or gamepads and opening up the experience to everyone.

"The engagement factor of the headset and VR environments is fantastic."

An invitation to shape the future

Every co-creator is given an IDx chassis at the beginning of their journey. With it, they travel through a series of worlds; each one designed to find out about their needs and desires as a driver. These discoveries were translated in real time into design and engineering concepts by Nissan; building their unique IDx car as they travelled.

"By reaching out to digital natives as collaborators in our vehicle design, we are looking to the future"

- Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer

An overwhelming desire to create

With over seven minutes' dwell time and queues stretching around the Nissan stand, the IDx experience captured the imaginations of young drivers and drove record engagement. Thousands of IDx concept cars were co-created, with every unique configuration giving Nissan vital insights into their new consumers.

"reaction was borderline overwhelming... people queued up to an hour-and-a-half to have a go."

the Impact

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