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Bringing together the largest ever digital collection of Sir David Attenborough’s work - across both iOS and Android, Mobile and Tablet - to inspire a love and awe of the natural world in a new generation.

60 Years of landmark content

The BBC Story of Life app is Sir David Attenborough’s gift to the world. It gives fans the control to define their own journey through nature, based on more than 1,000 breathtaking clips.

Storytelling for the digital age

Sir David's talent lies in taking the complexity of the natural world and distilling it into simple thematic stories.

Inspired by this we created three simple ways for people to discover life on earth, via what it is, how it behaves and where it lives.

“This is natural history for the digital age.”

Sir David Attenborough

Your own Story of Life

Over 30,000 data points define the videos. So based on your interactions you can make endless journeys through nature, connect related stories to create personal collections and then share them with the world.

Life through a lens

Inspired by three generations of camera operators who have captured life’s greatest moments, the app design is centered on an interactive camera lens.

Through simple, intuitive gestures we bring the natural world into focus for every generation.

“The best of both tech innovation and the wonders of nature.”



“I am 12... I have always admired Sir David Attenborough’s great achievements in The Biological Animal Study... This brings a whole new world to the reach of people like me as now I can enjoy Attenborough’s work better than ever before! So for children like me everywhere I am exceedingly happy to be able to give this app five stars.”

Yours sincerely, an impressed Animal lover
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